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Fast effective meditations

We don't waste your time

Booost takes the hassle out of meditation. It’s hard to believe that just 90 seconds per day is all it takes to calm your mind and energize your body.

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Precisely designed audio to perfection

Take a moment to just listen

Each Booost is designed to empower you in the moment. Let go and listen to our carefully chosen words. The captivating music will guide you to a mindful climax. It is exactly what you need. 

Short term effect

Get in the zone, now

We focus on providing you a desired mindful effect, almost instantly. Get energized, release stress and ready to face the day.

Long term effect

Grow your mind

Set your intentions and stay on track! With Booost, you easily build a daily habit to help you reach your desired goals.

"The app helps you develop the focus and mental strength to tackle anything!"


"It's like a cup of coffee for the mind."


"I'm already looking forward to my next Booost."


Booost is designed for you

What is your reason to Booost?

Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you stressed? Perhaps you need a self-confidence boost? Or maybe you just want to zone out from life for a minute everyday. Whatever your reason is, we probably have a Booost tailored to your needs.

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Achieve MORE and find inner peace​

The easiest way to master your life is listening to Booost 90 seconds per day.

Get the most out of Booost

Break through more walls Faster

Do you want to break the walls surrounding your life? Do you need to take out the trash from your mind? Click below to find a mindfulness course or webinar that suits you. You will gain new insights to get the most out of Booost and to transform even faster and further!

how Booost began

A surprising discovery

This app was never intended to be built. We were researching new and easier ways for people to cope with their busy lives. It turned out, we struck gold! 

What makes our audio special? One magic ingredient turned out to be our uniquely created music to support the voice. Like how a movie is nothing without its music to set the mood.

That’s when it hit us: we need to bring this into everyone’s hands.